At the Berlin Ethical Fashion Week of July 2017, I had the opportunity to talk with fashion designer who chose to stay true to their values in their way of production. So I thought it would be interesting to dig about it and ask some fashion designers what they really thought about ethical fashion. Here is an interview I made with Heidi Koselowski, founder of the ethical and eco-responsible brand MioMartha (Have a look at my previous article on my two crushes at the berlin ethical fashion show for more infos).

1. Hello Heidi and thank you for your time. Could you start with presenting yourself?

I grew up at a dressmakers home and I fell in Love with fashion very early. My mum teached me everything I needed to know for sewing my own styles. By the way I kept my first crazy 80s dress I sew for my doll, safe at MioMarthas atelier to remember my first steps. 🙂
But life can go strange paths, so I worked in industry for several years, but never forgot my true love – Fashion.
During that time I had been trained in cut construction and product preparation, always doing some costum-made items. MioMartha’s Journey could begin with the first multiparted collection.

2. What are your philosophy, values, and inspiration?

I think our design philosophy CLEAN – CLEAR – PURE describes what MioMartha stands for.

CLEAN: Simple and puristic looks emphasize modern femaleness. Elegant classics finding, New Lines brings out the main point. We strive for modern and uncomplicated styles… and it’s all about the Details. 😉
Fashion is the term of individuality and identity. MioMartha lives the inconsistency of casual street style plus office chic.

CLEAR: Decidedly in our statement of fabrication.
Our production is specificly located here in Germany. The people there share the same understanding of ecological manufacturing. This is really important to me. MioMartha is for people who value classic manufactured clothes.

PURE: uncompromising in our fabric selection.
We put high requirements on our sourced materials. The clothes are noticeably natural.

To awake the love for classic manufactured clothes and create a relation between business and street chic… that’s my passion!

3. Why is sustainable fashion important to you?

For me fashion is not to fill up your closet with stuff again and again.
It’s about creating styles for the future… wearable longer than one season.
I think we have forgotten the value of things and work done. Resources decrease everywhere.
That’s one reason why we choose suppliers from Europe to reduce the way of transportation. Also some styles of the collection are limited or custom-made to minimize waist of production.
We are sharing the idea of Slow-Fashion.

4. Could you make a closer focus on your latest collection?

It is our Modern equality collection – I found inspiration during my last trip to London when I spotted some photos from the late 70s + early 80s. To play with the style elements like bigger buttons or high collars was so much fun. By choosing feathery cottons in sky colour shading I want to create a pure summer look and give the opportunity wearing every single piece throughout the day.

Thank you to Heidi for her inspiring answers. I personaly think it is important to be aware of what we consume, for food as well as for clothes. I even think it is outdated to think that ethical and eco-responsible fashion is only for an economic elite or marginal people. More and more designers such as Heidi Koselowski do admirable approaches to a conscious way of production, and it is up to us now to aim for a conscious way of consumption.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment about what you think about it, I know the issue arouses debate!