Ayurvedic cosmetics

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During my trip to India in December 2016, I understood the benefits of ayurveda, thanks to a professional Ayurvedic masseur that I had met. It is hard at first to understand what ayurveda exactly is because this medicine of Ancient India gathers all aspects of our health, either physical or mental. What is Ayurveda? While …

Indian cooperative of women handicraft

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Meerabai, a native woman of Belgium, lived in India for more than 30 years. Her path is quite unusual, she lived a life of asceticism for many years, and then she tried to help the women of her village to improve their daily lives, but especially to rebuild their education as a human being who …

Traditional women’s wear in India

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For the international women’s day, I wanted to put Indian women in the spotlight! My intention is not to talk about the place of women in India, but my interest lies in their traditional clothing, which greatly contributes, according to me, to the beauty of this country. There are many traditional garments in India. We …

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