The evening of the 28th of september, I was supposed to meet a group of friends to talk about a new project, but I couldn’t go because I had other plans. I told my friends I would not be able to be there, because I was going to model for a fashion show. Of course they were all surprised, and some wouldn’t even believe me, because I am nothing like a model. But I was being serious: the Grands Voisins, an écoquartier in Paris, was launching an ethical fashion show, so of course I had to be part of it! I even had the honour to be first along the catwalk. Let me tell you the background.

Preparing to become a model for a moment

As I was the first one to go, I also had to be the first one on site to be ready. So I arrived two hours before the beginning of the show so that I could get dressed and get my makeup done. I was wearing slacks from hylla penderie, a headband from wax-etc, my jewellery came from Kathleen Bellonde, and fortunately my own very comfortable pairs of high heels.


Once I was ready, I had a lot of time to think about important things in my life like “how should I pose in front of an audience?”  Then I had to memorise the way to the front of the stage, because modeling is not just walking on a podium, it is also walking on a podium at the exact right time in the right place, which can be quite complicated when you are not a pro. I had to count 15 seconds to get to the front of the stage, wait 5 seconds while posing, and then walk back a different way. And as I was the first in line, I had to be careful not to make any mistakes because I would have misled the models after me.

The photoshoot

After most of the models were ready, we could do the photoshoot. I am normaly the kind of person who is not very serious in front of the camera, so I must admit it was quite hard to feel at ease in front of the photographer, especially when he says “stand close to the wall but bend your head a bit on the right side and look to the left while puting you bad closer to your chin and opening you mouth as if you were drinking a sip of water” without thinking you seem stupid.

It was soon time for the catwalk!

The show

I was not very stressed while I was standing in front of the line, ready to go. The atmosphere was friendly and people were backstage making us laugh and feel relaxed. And yet, when I made my first steps on stage and all the lights were on me, I though “what the hell am I doing here“. But I quickly forgot all that as I approached the front of the stage. It was only when I headed back that I really realised what was happening.

The catwalk took 8 minutes in total, and time flies when you are on stage! Here a some pictures of us posing. Will you recognize the models who did the interview with me in the last video?



The end of the show

Backstage, everyone was really happy about what they had just done! But I guess the fashion designers were the most relieved that their show was a success in front of a hundred people.

In the end we had a nice buffet (vegan of course) after which the party started!

I won’t forget this first experience as a model, it was all new to me and gave me a lot of fun and excitment, but what I really enjoyed was forging new links with like-minded people, all supporting ethical fashion.


Photo crédits: Catherine Griss