When I travel to a new country, I am really interested in seeing the traditional clothing, and like discovering the different styles between them. During my stay in Thailand, I was lucky enough to meet a Thai designer who kindly showed me her shop and explained her work as a northern Thai style designer.

Her philosophy

Traditional Thai clothes are nowadays almost exclusively worn by elderly people, the younger generation wanting to conform to a more “western style” of fashion. Thinking it is regrettable to lose the Thai traditions which are the essence of the country and make the beauty of it, she designs some clothes that are suitable to younger people’s taste in order to bring the traditional style to the younger generations.
She also pays a particular attention to the quality of her clothes. Hence some outfits are handmade and precision workmanship down to the last details.

The material

The material used are 100% cotton for the rigid pieces of her work, and cotton mixed with polyester for the fluid ones. The material with the pattern is made in a factory in Thailand. She then has more than 10 workers making the pieces she has designed.

This strip of cloth is made by the hill tribes according to their traditions. It is then sewn onto the fabric as an ornament.

Wearing traditional Thai clothes

As already mentioned, mainly elderly people wear traditional clothes. But still many people wear traditional clothes on a particular event for example a wedding, or on festivals like the famous Songkran festival in April.


Tel: 080-8508533

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