You can find here all my tips and places I recommend, in France as well as other places I travel to.

Where to go shopping in Paris?

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Paris is the fashion capital, and fashion is changing. More and more ethical fashion designers are appearing, designers who communicate transparently about the materials they use, and how clothes are made. This transparency is motivated by a desire to reduce the carbon impact linked to the fashion industry, as well as having a better distribution …

Storie: an ethical and chic boutique in Paris

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On my way to uni, “Storie” shop caught my eye. When I passed the door, I was amazed to discover all the nice objects inside.   Jewellery, tapestries, décorative objects from all over the world… You can find anything you like to turn your living room into a sophisticated and cosy place, or perhaps a unique present for …

Recommendation: Les Grands Voisins Paris

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The site: an open and engaged place The Grands Voisins is a complex of buildings that/which once was a hospital and orphanage. Since 2012 the hospital closed and the place has been redesigned to become a vast eco-district, accessible to all and connected to today’s society. Therefore I recommend this place if you want to …

Travel the world with Weleda from June to August 2018!

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Here is an event I would have loved to participated to if I would have been free from June to August 2018! It’s about a world trip of three months with Weleda to discover different Weleda locations and insights behind the scenes. It’s an opportunity for you to travel around the globe, take part in …

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