The site: an open and engaged place

The Grands Voisins is a complex of buildings that/which once was a hospital and orphanage. Since 2012 the hospital closed and the place has been redesigned to become a vast eco-district, accessible to all and connected to today’s society. Therefore I recommend this place if you want to participate in different workshops like sewing, go to exhibitions, have a nice lunch with some friends, practice sports, do some second hand shopping, and so on.
The first time I have been there I was surprised by all the activities you can engage in! I felt like in a huge playing field and wanted to discover everything.



The “Boutique des Grands Voisins”: ethical and eco-responsible

The Boutique of the Grands Voisins started with the aim of showing objects handcrafted on site. It therefore presents a wide spectrum of items and is attached to shed the light on the work made by the artists, artisans and structures installed on site.
Pieces of art, urban agriculture products, handcrafted objects, jewellery, paper mill, home-made chocolate… There is one for everyone’s tastes and budget! Based on the idea of putting together the creations made in Grands Voisins in a unique place, accessible everyday to visitors, the collective boutique is a place of exchanges and meetings between artists, designers, the publics and the residents.

The showroom of the boutique: come to discover the designers

The boutique is also a showroom: each months a designers is allowed to furnish the “black cube” of the boutique with his own makings. It is the perfect opportunity to discover and exchange on the work of a designer in the Grands Voisins!

How to get there

82 avenue Denfert Rochereau
75014 Paris
Wednesday, thursday, friday: 16h-20h
Saturday, sunday: 14h-20h