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My beauty routine with natural cosmetics Weleda

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I would like to start this article by pointing out that this is not a partnership. I’ve been using this brand for a long time and I’ve always been completely satisfied with the products, that’s why I wanted to share this beauty routine with you. Moreover, it is a brand that I particularly like because …

Study on non-toxic varnishes for more natural cosmetics

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In December, I went to the first preview of the study project for nail polishes without endocrine disruptors, organized by the creator of the blog C’est si il y a. Cécilia is specialized in nail polishes, more precisely in ethical and non-toxic manicure. As I am very interested in natural cosmetics, you can imagine that …

ELEPHAS – ethical luxury cosmetics

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Elephas is a brand of ethical luxury cosmetics. In Latin, Elephas means elephant. In addition to being good for your body, the purchase of Elephas soaps has a positive impact on local communities in Burkina Faso and the natural habitat of elephants. An ethical luxury brand that makes good cosmetics for your body Elephas soap …

Ayurvedic cosmetics

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During my trip to India in December 2016, I understood the benefits of ayurveda, thanks to a professional Ayurvedic masseur that I had met. It is hard at first to understand what ayurveda exactly is because this medicine of Ancient India gathers all aspects of our health, either physical or mental. What is Ayurveda? While …

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